拉斯维加斯公司地址|每日新闻播报(December 11)

拉斯维加斯公司地址|每日新闻播报(December 11)

拉斯维加斯公司地址,the russian national flag (r) and the olympic flag are seen during the closing ceremony for the 2014 sochi winter olympics, russia, feb 23, 2014. [photo/agencies]

>russia banned from olympics


the world anti-doping agency, or wada, on monday announced that it banned russia from all major global sporting events for the next four years, including the 2020 tokyo olympics, the 2022 beijing winter olympics, and the 2022 fifa world cup in qatar, after accusing moscow of falsifying data from an anti-doping laboratory. 9日,因指控莫斯科篡改反兴奋剂实验室数据,世界反兴奋剂机构(wada)宣布禁止俄罗斯在未来4年内参加所有国际体育赛事,包括2020年东京奥运会,2022年北京冬奥会和2022年卡塔尔国际足联世界杯。

wada said russia has 21 days to appeal the ban. the russian olympic committee called the sanctions "illogical and inappropriate". 世界反兴奋剂机构表示,俄罗斯将有21天时间对该禁令提出上诉。俄罗斯奥委会称这些制裁"不合逻辑且不恰当"。

russia has consistently denied all the accusations and signaled that it will appeal the ban to a sports arbitration court. 俄罗斯一直否认世界反兴奋剂组织的指控,表示将向体育仲裁法庭提出上诉。

even if the bans are ultimately enforced, russian athletes who can prove they are untainted by the doping scandal will be able to compete under the olympic flag as "olympic athletes from russia".即便禁令最终得以执行,那些能够证明自己和兴奋剂丑闻无关的俄罗斯运动员也能够参加奥运会比赛,他们将以"来自俄罗斯的奥运会运动员"的身份出征。

photo taken on sept 3, 2019 shows macarons at french macaron shop laduree in paris.[photo/xinhua]

>world's lightest dessert


artisans at london-based design studio bompass & parr teamed up with scientists at the aerogelex laboratory in hamburg, germany, to transfer the properties of the world's lightest solid material into an edible dessert. 位于伦敦的设计工作室bompass&parr的匠人与德国汉堡aerogelex实验室的科学家合作,将世界上最轻固体材料的特性转换到了可食用的甜点上。

with an air content of 95%-99.8%, aerogel is recognized as the lightest solid in the world, so it made sense for designers to try and emulate the making-of process of aerogel to create the world's lightest dessert. 由于空气含量高达95%-99.8%,气凝胶被认为是世界上最轻的固体,难怪设计师们会尝试模仿气凝胶的制造过程来制造世界上最轻的甜点。

they began by making a hydrogel of egg white that was then cast in a mold before being submerged in a bath of calcium chloride and water. 他们首先制作了蛋清水凝胶,然后将其浇铸在模具中,随后将其浸入了装有氯化钙和水的浴槽中。

the liquid in the meringue gel was replaced with liquid carbon dioxide, which can be transformed into a gas in a process known as super-critical drying. 蛋白酥凝胶中的液体被液态二氧化碳所代替,并可在超临界干燥过程中转化为气体。

finally, the gas is removed from the end product, leaving behind only the skeleton of the original gel. 最后,这些气体会从最终产品中被除去,仅留下原始凝胶的形态。

in this particular case, the final product is a meringue dessert that consists of 96% air and weighs only one gram.通过这种特殊流程,最终产品为包含96%的空气、重量仅为1克的蛋白酥甜点。

consumers buy vegetables at a supermarket in handan, hebei province. [photo by hao qunying for china daily]

>cpi rises 4.5% in november


china's consumer price index (cpi), a main gauge of inflation, rose 4.5% year-on-year in november, the national bureau of statistics said tuesday. the growth rate, which was up from 3.8% in october, was the highest so far this year. 国家统计局10日表示,11月份,衡量通胀的主要指标全国居民消费价格同比上涨4.5%,这一涨幅较10月份的3.8%有所上升,是今年以来的最大涨幅。

food prices grew 19.1% year-on-year last month, up from 15.5% in october, while non-food prices gained 1%, 0.1 percentage point higher than in october. 11月份食品价格同比上涨19.1%,非食品价格上涨1%。10月份,食品价格和非食品价格的涨幅分别为15.5%和0.9%。

pork prices rose 110.2% year–on-year last month, while vegetable prices saw a 3.9% increase from a year ago. 11月份,猪肉价格同比上涨110.2%,鲜菜价格上涨3.9%。

the cpi in urban and rural areas posted a year-on-year growth of 4.2% and 5.5%, respectively. 11月城市居民消费价格同比上涨4.2%,农村居民消费价格上涨5.5%。

in the first 11 months of the year, consumer prices on average rose 2.8% from a year earlier, the bureau said.今年1-11月平均,全国居民消费价格比去年同期上涨2.8%。

rescuers land on the white island after volcanic eruption in new zealand, dec 9, 2019. [auckland helicopter rescue trust/handout via xinhua]

>volcanic eruption off nz


a volcano off the new zealand coast erupted monday with a towering blast of ash and scalding steam as dozens of tourists were exploring its moon-like surface, killing five people and leaving eight others missing and feared dead, authorities said. 9日,新西兰怀特岛一座火山突然喷发,火山灰和滚烫的蒸汽直冲云霄。新西兰官方称,火山爆发时有数十名游客正在火山口探险,目前火山已导致5人死亡,8人失踪,失踪人员生还希望渺茫。

helicopter crews landed on white island despite the danger and helped evacuate the dozens of survivors, some of them critically injured. 直升机救援人员冒着危险登上怀特岛解救了数十名生还人员,其中一些人受了重伤。

hours after the disaster, authorities said the site was still too dangerous for rescuers to search for the missing. 灾难发生数小时后,官方宣布现场太过危险,已经不适合救援人员进入搜救。

but aircraft flew over the island repeatedly, and "no signs of life have been seen at any point," prime minister jacinda ardern said. 但新西兰总理阿德恩表示,救援飞机多次在怀特岛上方观察,已经没有发现生命迹象。

the missing and injured included new zealanders and tourists from the us, china, australia, britain and malaysia, the prime minister said.阿德恩说,失踪和受伤人员中除了新西兰人,还有来自美国、中国、澳大利亚、英国和马来西亚的游客。

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